The Ubuntu Network of shows creates a space for hosts to share important and timely topics.

You Know What Blows My Foghorn

The podcast follows discussions of national and international issues, and how one person can think of a few ways to solve them while blowing some steam.

Reviews With A King

A new review every week.

The Refuge – CYRCC

CYRRC’s new podcast series, The Refuge, brings together youth with refugee experience, academics, and community partners to discuss issues affecting refugee children, youth, and families in Canada.

This series shares four years of CYRRC research on the social and economic integration, learning outcomes, and wellbeing of refugee children, youth, and families.

Our Guest Is – My East Coast Experience

Blackout Podcast

Blackout Podcast is about unfiltered truth. A show hosted by Israel Ekanem to talk with creatives, the wild ones, the founders and makers to find out their process, how they create, and the lessons they have to share.

The Sanctuary

A safe space to speak from the heart.


The Extinction Level Event of 2030 destroyed over three billion lives but corporations arose from the ashes to save humanity. Gog, the most powerful of the corporation rules from their stronghold of Gog Colony. They have formed a pseudo-government of peace and have spread it to other colonies under their control. The drug Ataraxia is used to control their populace and eradicate all human emotion. From their secret base, The Sanctuary, an insurgency has risen up to bring Gog down but Gog has dedicated the Department of Reform to destroying the insurgency. This is Ataraxia.

Like Chalk and Cheese

with Ru and Otni

Two over the top, boisterous Zimbabwean women who somehow became best friends and have so much to say about everything life hands to us. This show discusses all things we come across in life, how our generation is affected by life’s circumstances, and how social media has magnified all life’s challenges. However, we do so by finding the silver lining in it all.

Lessons With A King

Life is busy and everything is always on the move. We do need to take some time in our day to calm down. Breathe. Relax. Lessons With A King is a daily show where nuggets of lessons learned over the years will be shared, broken down and tangible takeaways will be given to help make your day a little bit better.

Tea Time on the Hills

with Yvonne and Ify

Teatime on the Hills is a bi-weekly podcast co-hosted by Ify and Yvonne. The conversations are around lived experiences of immigrant black women in North America. 

They talk about their immigrant experience, professionalism, socio-cultural challenges and biases, self care, family, friendship and so much more!

The Get Down

Where awesome people go to get down.

Tweet the Leader in You

The “Tweet the Leader in You” podcast is designed to showcase, highlight and inspire leaders who wants to make a positive difference locally and globally.

Average Takes

with King and friends

A friendly chat about specific topics.

Let’s Start Something New

We’re always looking for new hosts. If you have a show idea, please reach out!

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